About the chef

I came from a corporate IT background... having worked for companies like Microsoft in the past. I have always loved cooking and thought of pursuing the path of being a chef some day.

During my 20+ years of IT life, I went to study French cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu at Paris, and then took opportunities to do staging at restaurants & kept on cooking for friends & families.

A few years ago, I took the leap of faith and fully jumped into the F&B world. I was fortunate to have worked at Jean May, an authentic French bistro in Wan Chai run by a very passionate chef owner, from whom and her talented team I have learnt tremendously.

Early this year, despite the gloomy economical outlook of HK, I took a bigger leap of faith to open my own private cooking studio, serving people bistro-style French dishes. I believe this type of more casual yet culinarily refined cuisine is a perfect backdrop for group of friends & families to enjoy over a glass of wine.

Life is short and hopefully we can all live it to its fullness with less regrets. And I hope I will have the chance to cook for you and to share each other's stories one day. 😉🍷

Meet Our "Team"

Andrew the chef owner

From menu creation, kitchen operations to financial management and customer service, Andrew oversees all aspect of Gratine.

Andrew the programmer

As an ex-IT developer, Andrew leverages his programming skills & created some essential mobile apps to automate the food inventory, booking & invoices management for Gratine's operation.

Andrew the digital marketer

From developing this website, to creating digital marketing contents for our Facebook & Instagram accounts, Andrew handles every aspect of the promotion of our business via social marketing platforms.